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IMPORTANT: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Radio Warneford is not broadcasting any Patient Request Shows at present. However, we do now have a limited live schedule with programmes a couple of days a week so we are able to feature a request if you would like one. Please bear in mind that we may only be on air a couple of hours a week at the moment.

If you would like us to play a music request for a patient at Warwick Hospital, Stratford Hospital, Ellen Badger Hospital or the Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital on our next Request Show, please complete the form below.

From Bach to Bowie, we have access to more than 30,000 tracks in our record library so we are sure to have something to suit. To give us a choice you can enter up to three tracks in the form below. If you would like us to choose a track, just add the word Anything under “Track choice(s)” below.

After you press “Send Request”, you should receive an email at the address you give us below to confirm that your request has been sent to us.

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