“Win Your Own Show” Competition Answers

For those of you who entered our 50th birthday competition – or those who are just interested – here are the answers to the first eight questions. If you entered the competition and are lucky enough to be one of our winners, then we’ll be in touch!


  1. How is 1973 written in Roman Numerals? 
  2. Who was Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1973?
    Sir Edward Heath
  3. Who was the President of the USA in 1973? 
    Richard Nixon
  4. What was Christmas No 1 in 1973? 
    Slade with Merry Christmas Everyone
  5. Who secured the record for the most Top 10 UK hits in 1973? 
    Donny Osmond – three as a soloist: The Twelfth of Never, Young Love and When I Fall in Love and three with The Osmonds: Crazy Horses, Going Home and Let Me In
  6. Who won Best Picture at the 1973 Oscars?
    The Godfather
  7. Which momentous event occurred on 1st January 1973?
    UK together with Republic of Ireland and Denmark joined the EEC (later the EU)
  8. What was the cost of a large loaf of bread in 1973? 
  9. What is your favourite children’s TV programme ever and why?
  10. If you are lucky enough to win, which 3 favourite pieces of music would you like to play on your very own radio show?