Important Information About Our Service

Due to changes in the provision of wi-fi services for patients across South Warwickshire we are currently unable to broadcast any of our programmes.

What has changed?

At the end of 2018 the free Patient WiFi service provided by the South Warwickshire Foundation Trust was replaced as part of a nationwide project to standardise wi-fi services in NHS facilities across the country.

The new service is called NHS WiFi and it is administered by a number of private providers on behalf of NHS trusts.

Our radio feed was hosted locally but now that the wi-fi service has become a national one we are unable to provide a link to our feed or access to our radio player for technical reasons.

What are our plans?

Our intention is to broadcast to patients via the internet. We are currently testing our radio feed using a commercial internet host and are preparing new audio web pages to allow easy access to our broadcasts.

We also need to put in place a new licensing arrangement that will allow us to play music via the internet instead of through an internal system.

When will we be back on-air?

Our preparations are quite advanced and we plan to be back on air very soon. Once we have a firm date, we will announce it on our website and will provide patients with updated information on how to access both NHS WiFi and our new audio stream.